Ne Jetez pas vos rêves , nous en ferons des fleurs
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Maroun Abou Khair

"... Je pense donc, je suis ..."

Samah Dagher

"... De l'homme à l'homme vrai, il faut passer par l'homme fou ..."

Between the love of nature and the attraction for the creativity in arts, a passion for flowers designing was born joining the two Drs. Maroun Abou Kheir and Samah Dagher that come from philosophical and psychological background. After Dr. Maroun Abou Kheir and Samah Dagher have completed their doctorates in psychoanalysis and philosophy consequently, they have decided to study the art of flower decoration and designs in Paris for the sake of their own satisfaction and gain of the "know how" in the world of flowers. 11 years ago, they decided to come back to Lebanon. Along with their main majors, they were tempted by the idea of decoration and designs. For this reason, they have decided since that time to create a company where they can receive all the requests and transofrm them into flowers. They combined the first letters of their names and addded to them "Ha." In order to form "Ma.Sa.Ha" which means space. The main target of the company was to create a private space for persons who are hunting an "out of the box" idean for the decoration of their private events. Thus, the slogan of the company was generated to be "Do not throw your dreams, we transform them into flowers."